Transform yourself

No matter where you’re at right now, no matter how bad your condition… There’s ways and solutions out there. Don’t worry.

What you have to do is to make one serious commitment to yourself and to your goal. You will find solutions and the right people on your way, I promise.

And eventually, after some years of dear commitment you will have the look, performance and feeling about yourself that you wanted so badly. Maybe you even turn your new passion into a full time job like I did to help dedicated people reach their goals.

4 years ago i decided to change. I’ve lost more than 20% bodyfat, more than 20cm on my waist circumference. Went from being weak to doing pullups with +45kg added weight, squatting 167,6kg and deadlifting 235kg and I do Spartanraces for fun. I quit my job as an engineer in the autoindustrie and continuously built a successful personal training business being short of booked out within 6 months.

I guarantee you however that none of this will ever happen if you never commit.. if you always come up with another good reason instead of one god damn result!

Commitment for me on the left picture  meant, that i reached a point where I’d rather die on my attempt to change than to keep living this way. And i mean that quite literally. I spent all my time and money looking for solutions in books, videos, seminars and coachings.. quit smoking, alcohol, TV, sugars, milk, gluten, parties, political correctness, holidays, people and at times even family. And over time i got results.

You don’t like where you’re at right now and you want to change? You want to create yourself a life of fulfillment? Just commit and do it. That’s all the bible.

Start your Before&After Transformation right here, right now.