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running an Ultra, Sixpack, building a business… possible for a „normal person“?

A female client of mine recently told me during a training session that it was very inspiring for her to read about my story with the Ultra event i have done and the way i built up my Personal Training Business. She told me that a lot of things i have achieved still seem so far away for her and training with me makes her do things she wouldn’t dare on her own only to find out she can actually do them… That made me think back to the days when my current achievements to me seemed far out of reach… Funny thing is it wasn’t too long ago and I’ve had the exact same thoughts as my client…

Now, whenever we talk about „great accomplishments“ or „unrealistic goals“ this means something completely different to each one of us and it largely depends on our personal frame of reference.

So when you’re out of shape, struggling with your eating patterns, having a sixpack and the physique like a greek statue may seem far out of reach and unrealistic to you. If you were a greek statue you might be thinking „big fucking deal?!“ and just kept standing there shining.

Or if you’re broke- how confident are you about starting your own business and becoming wealthy? Doesn’t it seem too big a pair of shoes for you?

When your condition is bad and you hardly can climb up the stairs to your office- running a marathon or even an Ultra event is probably beyond your imagination and the athletes doing it are „crazy“ people.

So, when we see extraordinary results and big achievements we unfortunately tend to tell ourselves something in the lines of „i can never do this, this is just insane, i wonder how this is possible…“ only to explain to ourselves why the person who achieved such great success must be blessed with talents and advantages that we don’t have. Better genetics, less obligations, an easier life, more commitment (by nature ;)), taller, smaller, higher IQ, stupid enough, lucky…

Well, having made a few transformations myself in body composition, business and the endurance world when in the beginning the odds weren’t in my favor at all I have good news for you:

More often than not, people who achieve big goals and serve as our role models that seem to be out of reach are frighteningly normal and all started from scratch as well. Sometimes these people are so normal you wouldn’t even recognize them as being outstanding performers at all.

On hindsight, the bad news of course is… if it’s „just“ normal people who achieve remarkable goals, then what’s your excuse? Why the fuck aren’t you more successful then??

What i observe in successful people in different fields of endeavor is a combination of passion and „just do it“- mentality combined with discipline and laser beam focus. These aren’t characteristics we need to have special genetics for since we can adopt and train them.

Very important note: we mimic and adopt behaviors we see in our surroundings, who we spend time with, what we read, what we watch etc. So, as in your diet, keep your mind clean and feed on the things that make you thrive if you have any self-worth and want to be more than an average wimp in life.

In addition to a goal oriented growth mindset all successful boys&girls STARTED. There is quite some mileage to take leading up to all big achievements that is not visible on the result like a before&after picture, a medal or a big income.

Everyone who has ever made a big transformation started somewhere somewhen not even remotely close to where he/she stands now. I frequently tell my clients who think doing a chinup with 55kg added weight is a big deal that, well, i started with 0 chinups and 0kg added weight not too very long ago. And everyone who ever became somewhat decent at doing chinups has in common that they started with 0 as well.

What may be also surprising for some is when i was getting ready at the start line of my first Spartan Ultra (52km), the biggest athletic challenge of my life i was looking around and i only saw normal people. There was not one alien-like, super human half-god in the crowd. Just normal people who put in a lot of work, lead a certain „Spartan“, no-bullshit lifestyle, made the sacrifices and where crazy enough to believe they can finish an event that might take them a whole freaking day of suffering.

Talking about the Ultra i remember very well being at the start line of my first ever Spartan sprint (6km, easy) almost shitting myself because i might die running it. Today I’m only laughing when i think about myself back then. I do these events for fun now.

Also when i think back about quitting my corporate job a year ago… I was scared and actually didn’t have a plan how to make Personal Training work… Now, a year later i look back and laugh since everything i was so afraid of did not occur and my efforts, dedication and consistent improvement resulted in me being able to do what i love and live well of it. And I’m free and enjoy full responsibility for Christ’s sake !! 

Looking back it all doesn’t seem like such a big deal and i firmly believe that everyone can achieve what i did. Everyone who is willing to „pay the price“, though…

In the end for some takeaways i want to tell you this out of my own experience:

  • No matter which goal you have- Just start. You can’t fall from the floor so please do yourself a favor and take the risks necessary to pursue your goals. Even eating an elephant starts with the first bite.
  • You’ll never exceed your biggest expectation so just set a goal that’s far out of reach („unrealistic“) yet attractive for you to reach.
  • Chase your goal with a laserbeam focus from day 1. Focus doesn’t sound spectacular but can mean drastically cutting time with friends and family in order to work on your goals. Or going to sleep early, work on holidays and neither hang nor chill, not watch TV and of course not calling your parents 8 times per day. Also social media should be cut (unless you make a living out of it). For most people it’s the lack of focus that keeps them from being successful. Since every little fart is important enough to distract and prevent doing the hard and inconvenient things necessary for progress.
  • Make sure you load your goal with a huge emotional component. Only if you absolutely love and desire what you do you will be willing to put in the effort. And no big goals are achieved over night. It takes a looooong time and a lot of sacrifices. Especially at the start a huge amount of energy is necessary to get things rolling. This fact gets ignored deliberately when a new programm or product enters the market that promisses maximum results with minimum effort and a convenient lifestyle. Well, the convenient lifestyle has to be earned by putting in the hard work first…
  • Last but not least, please, please, please start and keep rolling no matter what. Don’t wait for someone to give you permission to be who you want to be and do what you love to do. Life’s too short to play small and not to make full use of your potential. Choose and execute. People are either with you or they can go have Sex with themselves.

For myself I’m simply on my way. For some I’m at the beginning, for some I am advanced, maybe even a role model. What i can definitively assure you is that I’m a normal person. With strengths and weaknesses, talents but also failures. Just like my role models and people i look up to. And if what i write resonates with you I’m glad to get to know you. Just contact me in the form below and maybe I’m useful to you :