Does it really make sense to take personal training sessions?

The answer is simple: it depends on what your goals are, how you want to accomplish them and how high you value your goals.

Goals- What do i want and which way is the right one for me?

Basically, hiring an expert who has already accomplished what you want to accomplish and leads you with a tailor made strategy over the goal-line is a smart idea for any goal you want to reach.

The probability to accomplish your goal with a proper coach on your side is considerably higher than having to figure it out and experiment all on your own. When you start training you might not know precisely what  your target looks like in detail. Interestingly my experience shows that a lot of trainees develop a clear picture of what they want on their way of training regularly. This happens most likely, when you and your trainer addressed the subject, you took action and you’re being confronted regularly during the collaboration. 

Your „date“. Developing habits?

When you’re just about to get starting or when training isn’t an established routine in your life it helps to have personal trainings booked simply to have a confirmed date to do your training until it becomes a habit. Appointments with your trainer create accountability and you will think twice if you really skip training because you just don’t feel like it right now. More than often its the best training sessions when you actually didn’t want to go but you did it anyway. Small effort before training, maximal feeling of success and satisfaction afterwards. Whats also supports overcoming the unwillingness is that you build familiarity over time and you get the good feeling that there is someone who really cares about you reaching your goals and who helps you stay motivated again and again.

Safety, Leadership, Relaxation…

The Compliance-issue aside a personal trainer provides safety concerning the right choice and execution of exercises to reach your goal. There is no more guesswork whether you do the exercises correctly and use relevant training weights as well as the feeling of „being observed“.

You can fully concentrate on your training and to unleash everything within you.

Especially for people with challenging everyday lives it is a welcome change to be able to give up some responsibility and be guided towards their goal in training. To have one hour where you don’t have to make up your mind what’s the right thing to do and what’s necessary to reach your target. Not to mention the effort and headaches of short- middle- and longterm training program design.

Doing the right things right.

Training needs to be challenging to get the desired effect. At the same time you don’t have to be completely baked after every session for it to be effective. It is very difficult to leave your own comfort zone and nail the right degree of training stimulus in order to get the most effect. A person who gets the best out of you within a controlled setting is worth a pot of gold here. Furthermore it is necessary to improve in every training. In order to do so, training programs need to be adjusted to your strengths and weaknesses, your development and your training level. Regular variation of your training program is an essential in order to make continuous progress. When an expert does this for you it makes your life easier, relaxes you and therefore gets you to your goal faster. 

Beyond ones own nose.

When things don’t work out for you you have a counterpart you can interact. Someone with a different view of your obstacles who helps you create a different solution.

Talking about interaction: personal trainers meet lots of people of different branches and different walks of life. Like in every interaction you never know what could be in it beyond training. In my career as a trainer I’ve been overwhelmed by how many interesting conversations i was able to have about career, personal development, high performance, addictions and a lot more…

It is simply a little bit more than „just“ training. It is a lot more, well, personal. At least when its done like i do it.


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