About me (english version)

Change your thoughts, change your body, change your life…

Summer 2015. There i was: fat and fed up. Smoking, alcohol, pizza, hanging around, enduring work… For the first time in my life i asked myself whether I was really representing who i wanted to be and if i was the best role model for my loved ones that i could be. The answer was a clear „no“ both for my private and business life.

A body like the Spartans in „300“ – would i be able to achieve that? With this picture in mind i plucked up my courage since i couldn’t stand anymore what i saw in the mirror … I started cleaning up my life, changed my diet: reduced sugars, wheat- and dairy products, alcohol. I eliminated plenty of disruptions, started training and made progress.

What my Before&After picture doesn’t show are all the setbacks, fears and obstacles i had to overcome during my 4 years of transformation. In the beginning i was afraid of leaving my apartment or go to the gym because I couldn’t stand the looks and reactions of people („fat shaming…“). One of my big driving forces was the imagination of how my surroundings will react on my B&A- picture.  But until then i was plagued by doubts whether i could ever achieve what i set my mind to. My vision and my will to change were stronger in the end and i always kept moving forward and never quit. I grew with every obstacle and set myself up for bigger and bigger challenges. During the 4 years of changing my body i have learnt that things NEVER work out as planned and progress ALWAYS happens outside your comfort zone. I have also learnt that sacrifices and dedication are required as well as a laserbeam- focus on your goal. Most of all, however, that you cannot please everyone and that it’s a lonely road at times. My body transformation called for many principles and characteristics that successful business people have….


An entrepreneur is someone who jumps off a cliff and builds a plane on the way down (Reid Hoffman, CoFounder LinkedIn)

And remember i had a job… I was an engineer at a notable automobile manufacturer. The job many people dream of… for me the morning alarm clock meant: „Same shit every day“. After 5 years of a „dream job“ i had a depression- like condition just thinking of entering the office and starting my computer– i had 1000 reasons to leave the company and the day came where i was frustrated enough to do so. I overcame the common fear of the uncertain and quit in order to follow my new- found passion which was personal training.

I already had attended lots of seminars, worked at a gym additionally and also produced first client successes. Still, long story short, i quit when i was not ready yet. When my bank account was in debt and i didn’t have a clue how i would build my business here in Munich. Interesting enough i was sent to a psychologist an psychiatrist because of quitting my job. Obviously, entrepreneurial risk and leaving the warm, well-payed nest is too „sick“ for „normal“ people. I’m glad that I’ve ignored all the „doubters“ and followed my instincts that lead me to change and to eventually succeed at it.

Well, one year after signing my dismissal papers i can say with pride and calmness that my biggest fears didn’t occur at all…

Only those people had doubts that were afraid to venture something. 

I decided once and for all to fully ignore every „opinion“ of the „safety-lovers“ and to EXCLUSIVELY listen to those who succeeded.

The actual question never is why you shouldn’t live your dreams but much more what it is that you want to achieve and which path you are ready to walk in order to get it. There are mentors that walked the same way before. Use their experience, pay them what they are worth and follow their advice.


„Man’s greatest burden is unfulfilled potential“ (Dan S. Pena, 50 Billion Dollar Man)

A medal, an above-average income or a sixpack are trophies and nice snapshot of the moment. I’ve learnt during my body and business transformation that overcoming obstacles and continuous personal growth lead to fulfillment and happiness. The hard and rocky road outside your comfort zone and conquering your biggest fears is what’s so rewarding.

Of course you can’t have everything – bodacious goals ask for great commitment.

No freedom and autonomy without risk. Ambitious aims require focus and clearly defined priorities. Parties, chilling, cake with your parents-in-law or your dream body? Selfemployed and flexible or safe employment and holidays? You decide. Take responsibility and live with the consequences of your decisions.

I had to make a lot of uncomfortable decisions but the only things i regret are those which i didn’t dare to shoot for. This is why i keep setting new and bigger goals for myself in all areas of my life. Proud, passionate and with plenty of true hard work i want to accomplish everything that I’m capable of. I wish and suggest that also you will make use of your potential and reach your goals with massive dedicaton. Go with the sayings of the Spartans: „With your shield, or on it“ :).


Take your Test now, let’s define your goals and work towards them.


Christoph Öller