Suffering for happiness and success. In love with Spartan.

„Just give me food, water and shelter“. Why you should pay for purposeful suffering like a Spartan Race.

Basically it’s 2 points:

  1. You’ll be more grateful for what you have afterwards and
  2. You’ll learn one of the most fundamentals to success in any area of life.

1.) Grateful and happy with what you have

I often get asked why I’m smiling with a good mood most of the time. Well, a lot has to do with the fact that I’m used to being broken down and that i put myself through a fair dose of suffering almost on a daily basis.

For many people it doesn’t really make sense to even pay for suffering. And basically, maximal discomfort and suffering is what you get when you sign up for a Spartan Race. This is how all the magic happens however. It’s what makes you stronger, grateful, more successful  and happier down the line.

When you bought a fancy handbag, the latest fashion or maybe the car you’ve been dreaming of… Did it make you really happy and for how long? Be honest. When things are taken away from you, however, you learn to appreciate what you have.

So during a race that really challenges you beyond your limits, you will be broken down many times and there will be points where you desperately want to quit… But you don’t and you keep fighting through the next minutes, the next inch, the next obstacle… You never know when it’s all gonna end and you will eventually reach a point where you only want to survive and cross the finish line and all that keeps you going is the commitment you made before…

You gradually strip everything down – you don’t care about emails that bother you – you don’t give a shit how you look, how much you earn or what your colleague at work was saying about you… It becomes you vs. you and your deamons. You’ll get to know who you really are when you’re broken down again and again. When you then finally cross the finish line, all you want is food, water and shelter and – at least for me – you’re in absolute peace with the whole world and there’s a great feeling of serenity, calmness and love although everything hurts… For a while you’ll remember what really matters in life…

2.) Fundamentals for success in any area of life

From my own experience – In any business the going gets tough and you have to deal with unexpected challenges. Good to know, that whatever obstacle may come you’ll face it, survive through it and come one step closer to the goal line… 

To push through obstacles and to hang in there even if you’re almost crying for someone to shoot you so its finally over is one of the most important basics to all kinds of success. Get broken down and get back up: Again and again. Until you’re done….

P.S.: sign up when you’re not ready – this way it may change your life :)!

See you at the finish line, motherf*ckers!