Be happy, become high on life 

During my adolescent life the quest for independence, happiness and fulfillment led me, was driving me and, well, fucked me up. Why?

Because i was associating what i wanted with the wrong things. I was searching for pleasure and fulfillment in parties, in cigarettes, alcohol, watching TV… Being awake the whole night then sleeping till noon? Discipline, sound sleep and clean eating? „Fuck that“, I don’t need that to look great… Well, you know, my „lifestyle“ made me fat, unhealthy, depressive and sick… Testosterone levels of a castrated church mouse, looking like a melted candle. However, i don’t regret any of it because i had to experience in order to learn that this type of lifestyle comes with an ugly long term prize and will do everything but won’t make me happy at all.

Fulfillment for me wasn’t about that safe and sound income that i earned either, nor was it the status and prestige of being employed by one of the most highly regarded brands in the world. As you might know, i’m really big on Before&After Body transformations. And, believe it or not – even that lean, muscular and sexy body won’t make me or anybody else 100% happy – per se! Whenever you reach a goal or cross a finish line you will notice that it was more about the process of getting there. At the finish line you probably will ask yourself: “and now? what’s next?“

Over the last years what i found actually fulfilling is continuous personal growth, physically and mentally and overcoming the obstacles on the way to get there. It’s about developing, growing and becoming who and what YOU want to be. And, what’s maybe even more satisfying contribution on the way of becoming your best. Giving and helping others making progress, reaching their goals. This can be in the form of money, being a great parent, sharing your wisdom and experience or giving somebody the confidence to do what he/she is afraid of…

And if your contribution is just in the form of you being a great role model. That, in fact, is probably mostly underrated. Because you are always a role model for someone – this should really fit to what you want to represent. Being happy can be as simple as not really giving a shit if it rains, snows or what other people may think of you. You just do your thing and appreciate yourself and what you have. As simple as this sounds – to get there is quite tough.

By the way – did you know that power poses raise testosterone?! It’s worth a try. Raise your arms, life is beautiful 🙂

Your high on life coach